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Tips for Sticking to a Halloween Costume Budget

Is your child requesting an expensive costume this year? Follow these tips to keep it within your budget, while also keeping your kiddo happy.

My child has his heart set on a Halloween costume that is beyond our budget. I offered to make a version by hand but he threw a tantrum. I want him to feel happy and proud of his costume but I won’t spend a lot of money for something that’s worn only a couple of times. I know saying no to other budget-related items will come up again. How do I handle this?

Brittni Fudge, owner and therapist at Kindred Counseling, PLLC, offers the following tips for parents:

Check your own emotions as your kids experience theirs: It can be hard to watch our children experience difficult emotions, especially when they escalate to tantrums, arguments, or anger.

Instead of engaging in an argument with them, or responding with your own anger, take a deep breath and tell your child firmly that the costume—or any other item they may be asking for—is beyond your budget.

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