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Happy Tails!

We are a little pet crazy around the Colorado Parent office. We love the furry beings in our homes almost as much as the human family members. OK, some days maybe more. Bringing home a pet, be it furry, feathered, or covered in scales, provides an invaluable opportunity for children to learn compassion, respect for all creatures, responsibility, and commitment. It can also build confidence and give them a loyal friend when days are tough. However, most parents who’ve brought home a pet can tell you that, although the pet may have been for the kids, you will be the one making sure food bowls are filled, fish tanks are cleaned, and poop is scooped.

If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, check out our article “Fur, Feathers, Scales and Tails,” and take our “Are You Ready” quiz. Discover which pet is right for you, learn more about costs and responsibilities, and find the answers to five questions vets most frequently get asked. You can also peruse photos of our furry family members here.

Speaking of photos, Colorado Parent is looking for Colorado kids to grace our covers in the year to come. Find more details about our Cover Kid Contest and enter at

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