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Holiday shopping apps

Holiday Shop Like a Pro

Follow these money-saving tips for stress-free shopping.

It’s that time of the year again, when kids ask for something really specific and parents run around in the holiday rat race to find the best deal. Don’t go crazy this holiday season. These shopping tools will keep you sane while saving you money.


This is my favorite deal site. It’s one of the oldest, and it’s been around for so long for a good reason. Slickdeals is made up of forums where people post deals they find 24/7, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. Sorting through those deals on your own would be an endless task. Instead, set up deal alerts on the mobile app. Once you set up an alert for a specific brand, product, or genre, the app will send you notifications the second someone posts something new. I have found countless special prices, markdowns, and secret sales on things for my kids and myself with this app.

Honey Chrome Extension

Coupon codes are a stress point for me. Why? Because if I don’t have one when placing an online order I feel like I’m missing out on a discount. Problem is, searching for coupon codes can be a mess. Honey is an extension for the Google Chrome browser. It detects when you’re on a site that uses coupon codes and pops up a notification. Click the icon in the corner of your browser and it will then try every coupon code it knows for that site, and use the best one that it finds. If you’re shopping Amazon, it adds a button to Amazon product pages to add to your “droplist.” This means Honey will watch this product for you and notify you if the price drops.

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