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How to Create the HOTTEST Hot Cocoa Bar at Home

As we continue to bear down for the harsh winter season, you can spruce up the next sleepover, family gathering, or movie night with a build-your-own hot chocolate bar. 

Tools & Display
Before you get messy, be sure you are set up for success and as little cross-contamination as possible. Consider a pit stop at your local grocery store for the following tools:

Mason Jars. These are amazing for food storage, and if you want to repeat hot cocoa nights without all the hassle, bring out the ingredients and put them right back in the pantry for next time. 

Plastic spoons. You can never have enough of these. Use one for each topping ingredient you display so that friends and family members with food sensitivities can still participate in the fun without anyone having to worry about an allergic reaction or ingredients getting mixed. 

Table cloth. Throughout the evening, you will not want to feel bothered sweeping up crumbs, chocolate chips, and loose sprinkles from the floor or the crevices on your table. Pick up the corners, make a nice long slide into the trash, wipe down, and re-use for the next occasion. 

First and foremost, your chocolate selection will set the tone for the rest of the hot chocolate bar. Below are some classics that will never go wrong, or maybe a new one you’d like to try with the family.

Abuelita. This Mexican-style hot chocolate is best made in big, sharable batches. Heat your milk or milk alternative, and stir until the milk is gently boiling and the chocolate is dissolved. Finish by throwing it all into a blender until it starts becoming frothy, then strain and enjoy the richest chocolate beverage you’ve ever had. 

Swiss Miss. Today, Nestle offers more flavors than ever before, with Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and traditional Milk Chocolate. These packets are ideal for when you may have guests with specific tastes or if they are hoping to create a flavor profile different from their last cup. 

Cocoa powder & chocolate chips. Don’t fix what isn’t broken; if you want to show your kids how you used to make it back in the day, look no further than the classics. Heat your milk on medium-low while whisking in your cocoa powder, then melt your combination of chocolate chips (milk, dark, or white) to curate your cup just how you remember it. 

Peppermint Bark
Crushed Andes mints
Mini chocolate chips
Toffee bits
White chocolate chips
Coarse sea salt
Chocolate sprinkles
Festive sprinkles
Pirouette cookies
Big & mini marshmallows (why not both?)
Candy canes
Soft candy cane sticks
Whipped cream
Caramel sauce
Long pretzel sticks
Crushed peanuts


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