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How to Show Love Platonically

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Platonic love is a deep connection shared with others in a non-romantic way. This can be between friends, family, or really anyone! However, it tends to get overlooked, especially on Valentine’s Day. Everyone wants someone special to spend this romantic holiday with, yet there may be special people in our lives that we don’t feel romantic towards and still want to give them that love and appreciation. There are different ways to show one you may love them, like through a warm hug, a nice message, or a gift to show a token of appreciation. The options for showing love are practically endless. Platonic love is just as valid as romantic love, and just as important to share! If you have someone you’d like to share this Valentine’s Day with, or any day, these are some ideas on how to portray love in a platonic way.

  1. Write notes or letters
    1. My personal love language is words of affirmation, so I love giving and receiving little notes from the people I care about. These notes can be little compliments, such as: “I love how you make me laugh!” or “I love your sense of style.” For letters, maybe write them a letter to read each time they are feeling a passionate emotion. For example: “Read me when you feel insecure”, “Read me when you are angry”, “Read me when you want some reassurance.” Or just a letter expressing what this person means to you and the impact they have had on your life. These notes and letters can lift them up any time, rather than just in the moment. I love to read back on old notes from loved ones. Words are powerful, use them for good!
  2. Gifts galore
    1. Now, these gifts can cost nothing to whatever you want your budget to be. Do they like a movie and Target has socks of that character? Is there a book they have been wanting for a while? Why not show you listen to their interests and get them something you know they will love! You can also make homemade gifts, like Valentines Day cards, DIY projects, or an origami bouquet of flowers. You can make this with any arts and crafts you may have lounging around the house, or at your preferred craft store. If you are at a loss of ideas, do they like flowers? Stores around this time are going to have a wide selection of flowers. Consider giving them a flower you think they would like! Maybe get them a care basket of their favorite snacks and candies, if their allergies are anti-flower. The smallest gift can make the biggest difference.
  3. Quality time
    1. If words and gifts aren’t your thing, and you prefer to just be in the presence of your loved ones, this category may be for you. I love spending time with my family and friends, even if we are just sitting around while we both work on our own things. Knowing someone is taking time out of their day to spend it with you can be very heartwarming and special. Perhaps take the person out to eat, could be casual or fancy! Maybe do an activity you both enjoy, or try something completely new. What about watching a movie together, or cooking a meal? Quality time can be anything, honestly. What matters the most is seeing that person and finding comfort in their company.

Everyone shows love differently, everyone receives love differently. You can do all three, only one, or something of your own choosing! Love goes much deeper than what we can give or receive from others, but because Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, take this day to really show those around you what’s in your heart. The people we surround ourselves with help us grow into the person we are today. They make us laugh, cry, think, and express ourselves. Whether it is a co-worker you get along with, or a childhood best friend, love is everywhere. Love is where we choose it.

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