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Elvie breast pump
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Is the Elvie Pump Worth It?

One Colorado mom tells why this pump has got so much buzz.

You’ve likely seen or know other moms who have tried the Elvie Pump, a silent and wearable breast pump (that comes at a cool cost of $500 for the double pump). We had Denver mom of two, Elizabeth Beckman, spill the details on whether or not the high-tech pump is worth the hefty price tag.

Colorado Parent: Was there anything you didn’t like about the Elvie?
Elizabeth Beckman: It took some finagling to get the settings correct, but once I did, it was magical. You can individualize the settings for each side, which is fabulous.

CP: What was your favorite thing about the Elvie?
EB: Convenience, convenience, convenience.

CP: Did you purchase the single pump or double?
EB: Double. Yet about 50 percent of the time I use just one at a time. To maintain my supply, I often use it unilaterally while feeding [the baby] on the other side.

CP: Do you think the Elvie is worth the price tag?
EB: I actually do—for convenience! I have pumped during Zoom and in-person meetings, and at work. It has really revolutionized my life.

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