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July at a Glance!

School is right around the corner and whether your kids are dreading that first day back or looking forward to it eagerly, you still have some time left this summer to enjoy with the family! Check out some things worth celebrating this July!


Plastic Free July!

Think about the environment a little harder this July by being mindful of your use of plastic! Join with others celebrating a plastic free July by cutting out or limiting your use of plastic in your daily life!


Independence Day (July 4)

Celebrate the nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence with your family! This is a perfect time to enjoy a nice backyard barbeque or shoot off some fireworks with the kids!


Panic Attack Awareness Day (July 10)

No one likes to be in the midst of one, but in reality, it happens. Panic attacks are not a fun thing to deal with so on this day, let’s just be aware and always seek to learn more about how to best go through one and how to best help a friend going through one! 


Bastille Day (July 14)

If you’re a history buff, this day may stick in your mind as it commemorates the start of the French Revolution!


Birth Trauma Awareness Week (July 16-July 22)

Postnatal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a big problem that often gets overlooked. This week look to learn more about it, its symptoms, and how those affected can get the help they need! 


Coral Reef Awareness Week (July 17-July 23)

Coral reefs are not only beautiful but essential to the environments they are part of as they house a plethora of marine life! They are sadly facing many threats from various fronts. This week take some time to learn about coral reefs and how you can help in its conservation efforts. 


Shark Week! (July 23-July 30)

This annual summer tradition is here once again with eight days of sharks on the Discovery Channel. Tune in to learn all about conservation efforts! 


Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day (July 27)

What?! Taking a plant out on a walk? As crazy as it seems, that’s a real day, so grab your favorite plant and take it out on a walk while you both enjoy some vitamin D! 


But Wait There’s More!

There is plenty to celebrate this month, so check out the July edition of our magazine and our online events calendar to stay up to date! If there is anything you would like to read about in particular, email us today at

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