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Refrigerator Eyes April Fools day prank

Kid-Friendly April Fools Pranks

These silly pranks will have the whole family laughing.

All Eyes On You

Your kids’ eyes will pop when they open the fridge to find all the food staring back at them. To play this joke, just grab a bag of googly eyes from the dollar store and stick them on every food item in your fridge. Rearrange things for the biggest laugh factor, like turning an apple on its side to make the stem area look like a mouth.

Upside Down House

Give your kids a wacky morning surprise. While they are sleeping, walk around the house turning objects upside down, as much as you can. Go from room to room, or focus on just one room, flipping over photos, furniture, toys, and other household items. When the kids wake up and walk out of their rooms, they won’t know what happened.

Easter Fools

Since Easter and April Fools’ Day fall on the same day this year, we thought it would be fun to combine the two. Here are two egg-cellent pranks to play on the kids.

Family Food

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