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7 Clever Bath Products for Kids

These soothing washes, cute toys, and cozy towels make bathtime a breeze.

From tiny tots to tweens, kids are never too old for a bath. Whether bathtime turns into playtime or your child simply needs 10 minutes to relax, we found the perfect products to entertain them, make them feel cozy, and leave them squeaky clean.

Pottery Barn Kids Lion Towel

Post-bath, wrap your child in this cozy and cute Lion Towel from Pottery Barn Kids. You can also buy different animal styles, like a dog, flamingo, or alligator.

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Liewood Bath Toys

These cute critters are made with 100% natural rubber and have no holes on the bottom, meaning they won’t get moldy or clogged.


kids bath toys

Stokke Flexi Bath

Have an infant in the house? Use this easy-to-store, foldable baby bath for quick washes and soaks. The tub has a non-slip base and a plug for draining.

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The Honest Company Bath Set

Pamper your little one while setting the bedtime mood with these lavender-scented washes. Each product contains soothing and moisturizing ingredients, like coconut oil, jojoba protein, aloe, and chamomile.

$11 and up,

Sunnylife Bath Jellyfish

This soft, sensory-friendly jellyfish toy soaks up bath water that can then be squeezed and squirted out. Your child will love the squishy texture and trailing tentacles.

bath products for kids

SoapSox Frog

Make lathering up more fun! Simply squirt soap into the frog’s mouth, add water, then use it as a washcloth. Choose from over 30 different animals and designs.


Lush Bath Bombs

Drop this little love boat into your tub and watch as it fizzes up and releases a citrusy aroma. A blend of lemons and organic sweet oranges will fill the bathroom with a fresh scent while pastel colors are left to swirl through the water.


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