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Understand and Support Your Child’s Learning Style

Try an adventurous approach to education to enrich your child's life and your own.

School should be an adventure in learning, and so should life. But if you have not taken the time to observe how your child learns best, your child might be struggling unnecessarily in school.

Identifying prominent learning styles in children is crucial in helping them identify their strengths and overcome their weaknesses as they progress into a more diverse spectrum of courses grade after grade. We often needlessly separate creativity from learning. But when parents help children understand their dominant learning styles, they can both use the knowledge to improve a child’s experiences, not only in school, but also in life.

Most people use a combination of learning styles. Do you know yours? Generally speaking, there are six types of learning styles you want to explore: visual, auditory, verbal, kinesthetic, tactile, and logical. Knowing my own learning styles helps me become a better lifelong learner and a better learning coach for my child.

You don’t have to go get tested to find out what kind of learners are living in your house. You simply have to be willing to reflect on what makes each of you tick. Where do you see a family member leaning in and where do you see a family member leaning out? This is usually enough information to help you experiment with learning styles and see how they benefit each member of the family.

Under each category below, I’ve listed approaches for test-driving each type of learning style. Invite the whole family to explore their learning styles and report back on what they discover. You’ll learn things about yourselves and each other that will make your adventures in life and learning more enjoyable.







Author, journalist, and writing coach Christina Katz loves to take a creative approach to learning and a learning approach to creativity.

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