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Blue and pink leaf-resist painting
Photo courtesy Laura Kelly

Leaf-Resist Painting

Hands On!

As the season changes from summer to autumn, kids become fascinated with leaves. Whether you are taking a scenic drive in the mountains to collect leaves or exploring your neighborhood, this project will celebrate the beauty of the autumn jewels you find. Creating seasonal artwork with kids offers a chance to mix creative time with learning. While you hunt for leaves, discuss the different leaf shapes, learn how to identify a tree by its leaf, and explore the reason leaves change color.

This fun art lesson helps kids discover the beauty of the leaf and the details that it possesses. It’s a quick, easy, and beautiful project for kids of all ages.

You will need:

• Leaves (Not too crunchy or they will break.)

• White wax (Either a candle or a white crayon.)

• Watercolor paper (The thinner the better.)

• Watercolor paints

• Paintbrush


1. Place your leaf under the watercolor paper.

2. Hold the leaf in place with one hand, and gently rub the wax over the entire surface.

3. Remove the leaf from underneath the paper.

4. Paint with watercolors over the entire surface, mixing colors.

5. Let it dry and admire your work.

Watercolor resist paintings are a great way to mix art with science. As the watercolors dry and run off the wax, the details get clearer and clearer.

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