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Drive-By Parade
Families in one Littleton neighborhood throw a drive-by St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Littleton Neighborhood Throws a Drive-By St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Looking for ways to connect safely on St. Patrick’s Day, one Littleton mom rallied her neighbors to share a parade fit for the Great COVID-19 Distancing.

It seems that social distancing can bring out the best in us. Next Door apps are peppered with offers of grocery drops for elderly neighbors and social media is filled with ideas to help parents entertain their home-bound kids. One Littleton mom came up with a creative way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while still social distancing.

Carissa Hollander, a mom of three, was feeling the weight of uncertainty and worry about the impact of COVID-19 when she went to sleep on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, the idea came to her to rally neighbors for a “drive-by” parade, as she called it, inviting families to cruise the neighborhood in their cars or watch from their homes. She reached out to neighbors through Facebook giving them a designated time and route.

“We wanted to connect with people safely,” she said when we spoke to her through Messenger. “We also wanted to draw out people from their homes who may be lonely.”

Hollander captured what happened next in this video posted to her Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon.

She was moved to see neighbors showing up with cars decorated, covered in streamers, playing music, and honking. Other families waved from their driveways or porches as the cars drove by their homes.

“We hoped that people would feel hopeful and less isolated by seeing friends and neighbors,” said Hollander. “Such a small thing made such a huge difference for so many people.”

And as for Hollander’s three young daughters? It was certainly a happy memory they won’t soon forget. “Our girls asked to do it again, and then asked if we can do it every year for St. Patrick’s Day. Which I think will become a tradition.”

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