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Local Author’s Heartwarming Visit to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Last week, local author and breast cancer survivor Gail Nussbaum made a heart-warming visit to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC), bringing smiles and joy to young patients through her inspiring book. Carrying 18 copies of her story and a stack of coloring sheets, Gail and the dedicated Child Life team visited the oncology unit to spread cheer and inspiration. 

From a young age, Gail learned the importance of paying it forward. After completing her final chemotherapy treatment, she chose to help others by founding the annual charity event Gail Pays it Forward and writing the children’s book Paisley Pays it Forward Adventure. This book, set in a hospital, teaches children about the power of kindness and generosity. 

Bringing Stories to Life
The collaboration was more than just a donation-based book giveaway – it was a visit filled with compassion and connection. Gail and the Child Life Specialists went from bed to bed, offering to read the book to the young patients and engaging the children with the heartwarming mission to Pay it Forward.

The Heart of RMHC: Child Life Specialists
The Child Life Specialists play a crucial role in the overall well-being of their young patients. These compassionate professionals are committed to advocating for their patients and their families, offering emotional support, and creating a safe, comforting environment. They work closely with each child, tailoring their approach to meet individual needs and ensuring that hospital stays are as positive as possible. 

About the Book
Paisley Pays it Forward Adventure tells the story of a teddy bear named Paisley, who embarks on an unexpected journey when he finds himself in a hospital. Though not where Paisley expected to land, Paisley finds purpose through helping Ahna, a young girl battling cancer. Paisley soon finds his journey doesn’t end with Ahna, instead, he finds himself traveling from child to child! From spending time with each child, Paisley learns what it means to pay it forward and the power of small acts of kindness! $24.99

All of the proceeds from the book sales are donated to three nonprofits: Brent’s Place, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver. Brent’s Place and Ronald McDonald House are dedicated to supporting children and families facing serious illness, providing them with essential resources like housing. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a national fundraising movement for pediatric cancer research. Gail’s initiative ensures that each purchase of Paisley Pays it Forward Adventure contributes to a greater cause, extending the book’s message of kindness beyond its pages. 

Discover more about Gail’s story here and learn more about Childhood Cancer in our online series.

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