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Look Out for Colorado’s Sun!

With summer fast approaching, many Coloradans know all too well just how strong the Sun is here especially since the state is so far above sea level. Ultraviolet exposure is much stronger and coupling that with the lifestyle of many Coloradans means that locals are at even more risk to the many unhealthy effects of extended exposure. I mean, why wouldn’t we spend time outdoors when Colorado is such a beautiful place to spend outdoors. Instead of changing that part of your life, try incorporating these tips to best protect you and your family from the raging Sun! 


The first thing you should do is monitor your time outdoors. You should be weary of spending an extended period of time during the peak hours of the day. You should especially monitor this in younger children and the elderly. 


You should also drink plenty of water! Being well hydrated is very important if you plan on spending a lot of time in the blistering Sun. Something else that is very important is wearing plenty of sunscreen. Be smart about it. You aren’t going to impress anyone by acting like you’re tougher than the Sun. Trust me, you’ll regret that later. I’ve known people from out of town who claim to never get sunburns come to town and burn up as they are not used to being at such high altitudes. 


You should also make sure you are wearing lots of protective clothing like hats or sunglasses to further protect yourself from the Sun. This just adds another layer of protection for you and your family! Don’t let all of your fears keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. There are so many positive benefits that you would be missing out on. Instead, take plenty of precautions and keep an eye out! We definitely wouldn’t want you to get burned!

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