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Photo: Heather Gaumer.

Make Your Own Frozen Fruit Pops

Add a bit of sweetness to your summer with these three-ingredient treats.

Ice pops are often loaded with added sugar and artificial colors and flavors. Cut out some of the bad and squeeze in a bit of nutrition by making your own. Using fruit and 100% juice is an easy way to make a healthier dessert, just be sure to avoid juice that lists added sugar on the nutrition label. Choosing better-for-you ingredients will give you peace of mind while you and your kids enjoy these refreshing sweets.

Making these pops is simple. Pick a favorite fruit and juice combo. Slice or chop fruit and arrange it in each of the ice pop molds (we used Zoku Classic Pop Molds). Pour the juice to the top of each mold’s fill line, then insert ice pop sticks and freeze until solid, about eight hours.

Kiwi Strawberry Coolers

Enjoy a classic summer combo with kiwi and in-season berries.

Tropical Mango Pineapple

Take your taste buds on a virtual beach vacation.

Amped-Up Ice Cubes

Just a few supplies and a touch of water can turn average ice cubes into dazzling additions to pitchers and punch bowls. Pick one combo from below, place the ingredients into a square ice cube tray, add water, and freeze for eight hours.

Floral Frenzy

Watermelon Refresh

Lemon Spritzers

Family Food

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