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London Monroe
Photo: Marcus Smith.

Meet London Monroe, Denver’s Kid Hip-Hop Artist

This seven-year-old rapper is making moves in the kid music scene.

Triple-threat singer, actress, and dancer, little miss London Monroe is creating a kid’s music movement. With the help of her parents, she’s laying tracks, shooting videos, and entertaining through her YouTube channel. It’s all for fun and making her fans happy. Here’s what you need to know about this Colorado artist:

Age: 7
Songs: “Fleek,” “Chocolate and Lollipops,” “Earthquake” 
Why I make music: “I like challenging myself.”
Who I listen to: Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Drake
My co-writer/producer/manager: Dad, aka Marcus Smith, aka M6 (rapper stage name)
My costume designer: Mom, aka Adilene Gutierrez
How I describe my style: Pop (colorful, loud)
What my parents say about me: “She never ceases to amaze, that’s for sure.” —Dad 
“Once she opens up and you get to know her, she’s like really hard not to like. She’s so extra. She always does really good without trying too hard, I love to see that in her.” —Mom
What I love most: Dancing in music videos with friends and cousins
Music video TikTok likes: 1,000+
My favorite school subjects: Math and coloring
How I spend my free time: “I like to go out with my friend to have a playdate. We play with Barbies.”
My next challenge: Making YouTube videos and becoming an actor in films, shows, and commercials.  

London’s dad, Marcus Smith, is also working on a children’s book about London and her mascot, Snowball Yo (above left), called Inside a Rainbow, for readers ages four to eight.

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