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Othermama's Bakery
Brenda Lehenbauer (right) and daughter, Stacey Courtney, co-owners of Othermama’s Bakery in Longmont.

Meet the Mamas Behind Othermama’s Bakery

The mother-daughter baking duo shares what Me Time means to them.

For Longmont mother-daughter team Brenda Lehenbauer and Stacey Courtney, their new bakery, Othermama’s (which opened on November 4), has been a lifetime in the making. Housed in a vintage-style cottage just four houses from the one that Brenda lived in when Stacey was born, Othermama’s is a vintage, boutique style bakery that doesn’t skimp on butter or love. Here, they talk about what inspired their new venture, and share how they make time to nurture themselves.

Colorado Parent:
What inspired you to open a bakery?
Brenda Lehenbauer:
We have always loved to bake. We used to spend summers on the ranch in southern Idaho with my grandmother. We called her Othermama—that’s where the name comes from. I was fortunate enough that my three daughters could go for the summer and learn how to bake with her.
Stacey Courtney:
I’ve baked on the side for years, for friends and friends of friends. My husband always says, “Stop baking Stacey, we’re going to get really fat.” I used to work trauma in the OR and baking was my stress reliever after a long day. I felt like, why can’t I do this all the time? So I called my mom and said, “I want to do this and I want to do this now.”
Brenda L:
We’ve talked about it for years. I used to do wedding cakes when the girls were little. We just decided, OK, now’s the time.
Stacey C:
Then things just fell into place. I wanted the vintage boutique look since we’re using my great-grandmother’s recipes, which are very vintage. You’re not going to get a cupcake with tons of frosting and candy on it from us. You’ll be getting scones, hand-pies, and three different kinds of cupcakes that I’ll switch out every few days to keep it simple—but delicious!
Colorado Parent:
How do you carve out me time?
Brenda L:
I take a hot Epsom salt bath every night, for almost an hour.
Stacey C:
That’s how it’s been for as long as I can remember. Growing up, all three of us girls would go in and sit on the floor and talk about our day while she was taking a bath. For me, I have to schedule my me time just like I schedule time to be at work. That’s my time for crafting, treating myself to a pedicure, or making cakes and cupcakes for my daughter’s school. I make a list every night for the next day so I don’t forget anything.
Brenda L:
That came from me. Making a menu for the week, and a list of things to do each day. That was the only way that I could work and raise three girls. I had to be organized.
Colorado Parent:
What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?
Stacey C:
Patience. Parents are so busy these days that we raise our voices when kids aren’t listening. When my daughter was four years old, I must’ve talked a little loud to her in front of my grandfather. He whispered, “Stacey come here. You have to whisper because that’s going to make them want to listen.” He taught me to take the time to listen to your kid. Parents these days are in such a rush. I’m guilty of it, you’ve got to be here and there and kids need a lot of attention, especially with electronics and single parents. I was a single mom for six years and it was hard.
Brenda L:
I was single for a long time, raising three kids. Working at the hospital and coming home to three kids was hard. That’s why we’re trying to bring back the simpler times.
Stacey C:
I want people to come in here, sit down, have a sweet and a cup of coffee or tea, and read the paper. We want Othermama’s to be a place where people slow down and enjoy life.

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