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Mom and Daughter Empowering Kids, One Thread at a Time

In 2019, eight-year-old Airlie rushed home from school to share an inspirational quote she’d heard with her mom, Nicole Locken. The quote sparked a strong sense of determination and passion in Airlie to inspire other kids. That very day, Nicole and Airlie began brainstorming ideas on how they could uplift and encourage others.

Together, they began envisioning an apparel brand adorned with uplifting quotes, a wearable beacon of positivity for children everywhere. But as fate would have it, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic came crashing down, bringing the world to a standstill. Yet, in the midst of uncertainty, Nicole and Airlie seized the opportunity to nurture their ideas into a reality. 

“When the pandemic hit, our little passion project to help inspire kids became a creative outlet and a way for my daughter and I to put some positivity into the world,” Nicole shares. “We’re both early morning people, so we would go on morning walks or ‘brainstorming sessions,’ as we liked to call them, and talk about different sayings and things that would inspire and empower kiddos.”

As they walked in the early morning light, Airlie brought her notebook and began writing down sayings and creating sketches of potential designs. Nicole, a brand designer who owns Locken Creative, a branding studio, saw how much time, energy, and passion her daughter was putting into the designs. 

“That’s when I decided we had to make this happen,” Nicole says. “I started focusing on the brand design and implementing the t-shirt designs that we had sketched throughout the year.”

Soon after, chalk was added to their brainstorming sessions, and they would leave a trail of inspirational quotes. So many people were feeling anxious and alone, but their words that were scribbled on the sidewalk began to inspire their neighbors. 

In August of 2021, Wild Ones Threads was launched. Their ideas, creativity, and dedication to making a difference in children’s lives came to life. The Wild Ones Threads sells inspiring t-shirts for toddlers and adults, stylish hats, and stickers.

“More than anything, I wanted her to know that her ideas matter and that you should follow and pursue your dreams. I wanted to show her that if you’re passionate about something and are willing to work hard for it, great things can happen,” Nicole says.

But their mission to support and encourage children didn’t stop there. 

“We knew we wanted to give back to the community and find a way to make the world a little brighter, and Airlie decided on Children’s Hospital as another way to support kiddos,” Nicole shares. “We want to help support kids’ mental health by donating a portion of our proceeds to the Children’s Hospital Colorado to help fund pediatric mental healthcare and get kids the resources they need.”

The Wild Ones
The name Wild Ones has been in Nicole and Airlie’s family for a long time. The name was inspired by Airlie and her little brother Jackson, who was six years old when the company started. 

“Ever since they were little, I’ve always called them my Wild Ones. They’re always running wild and free, and when they were little, we used to howl at the moon at night, which was the inspiration for the moon and stars in our logo,” Nicole says.

What it means to be a wild one: 

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