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“Most Likely To” Birth Month Edition

Horoscopes guide some people to make decisions, while others roll their eyes at the idea. 

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, we’ve got something fun for you. Check out this “Most Likely To” list, tailored to your birth month.

January: Most likely to have their life meticulously organized in color-coded spreadsheets.
Characteristics: Hard working, independent, disciplined. 

February: Most likely to be found leading a protest for a cause they’re passionate about.
Characteristics: Truthful, innovative, and passionate.  

March: Most likely to decorate their child’s preschool classroom.
Characteristics: Creative, daydreamer, and empathetic. 

April: Most likely to be the first to jump into a challenge head-on.
Characteristics: Confident, competitive, and brave.

May: Most likely to stay late at work and finish a project.
Characteristics: Hardworking, stubborn, and patient. 

June: Most likely to discover a new animal species.
Characteristics: Curious, outgoing, and adaptable. 

July: Most likely to be a firefighter.
Characteristics: Calm, composed, and friendly.

August: Most likely to give you a ride after you popped a tire.
Characteristics: Loyal, generous, and a natural leader. 

September: Most likely to start a nonprofit organization and help others.
Characteristics: Loving, caring, and open. 

October: Most likely to mediate any argument with ease.
Characteristics: Witty, smart, and polite. 

November: Most likely to keep a secret the longest.
Characteristics: Loyal, secretive, and ambitious. 

December: Most likely to have a case of wanderlust that can’t be tamed.
Characteristics: Adventurous, honest, and blunt. 

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