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Gretchen White

My Me Time: Gretchen White

Stay-at-home mom, blogger, and mother of nine Gretchen White gives her take on why "me time" is important to her.

With nine kids ranging in age from 3 to 18, Gretchen White has adopted a “just do it” policy when it comes to making time to nurture herself. She says it’s a bit easier now that the older kids can help watch the younger kids. This mom who loves blazing hot coffee, great music, British comedies and time with her husband connects with nature to rebalance and rejuvenate.

Gretchen’s Me Time

My most satisfying “Me Time” is when I leave the house and get out into nature. Walking trails or even neighborhood sidewalks gives me a boost—I walk in snow, rain and heat. When I can’t get out, I escape to my room and listen to music, read or write.

How do you carve out Me Time?

I just do it. If I waited until all the chores were done and everyone was settled, my outside time would be limited to treks from the van to the wide, welcoming entrances of grocery stores.

Why is Me Time important to you?

I know for a fact I’m a better mom, wife, daughter, friend and citizen when I haven’t lost sight of who I am. Being alone or setting off on a little adventure confirms that I’m a person, too. When I emerge from “Me Time,” I share what I did or saw. Hopefully, this solidifies in their minds that mommy isn’t just a person who wipes things and people, but she has a rich life outside the cocoon of the home.

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