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Katie Heaps and family

My Me Time: Katie Heaps

Owner of Barre3 Belleview Station | mom of one daughter | Denver

After spending 10 years working in the medical-device industry, Katie Heaps decided to turn her passion for fitness into a career. As a new business owner and mom, she quickly learned the importance of balance. Between running a popular fitness studio (which opened earlier this year) and spending time with her family, she makes sure to schedule time for herself, too—even just 10 minutes.

Katie’s Me Time: Spending time in the kitchen cooking with my husband, experimenting with new recipes, relaxing, and connecting. I also book monthly massages and recently got into meditation. Just 10 minutes a day helps to really calm, relax, and let my mind go.

How do you carve out Me Time?

I’m Type A, so I schedule Me Time just like it is a meeting or a class, by writing it on the calendar.

Why is Me Time important to you?

It’s the only way to stay grounded. It’s so easy to get sucked into the tunnel of work. You have to pull yourself out and make sure to prioritize marriage, family, and yourself.

What’s your mom must have?

My phone. It holds all my pictures. I have a private Instagram account for my daughter, for friends and family to see photos of her. It’s also my lifeline to the studio and my husband, and it holds my calendar.

What’s the best advice you”ve ever been given? That everything happens for a reason. The journey that brought me here, through my career, to motherhood, and owning a business—timing was everything. Some days it feels like more than I can handle, but when I think about it—my daughter, family, and Barre3—I”ve never loved anything more.

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