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Rachel Harding

My Me Time: Rachael Harding

Rachael Harding choreographs her days, balancing her time between raising three daughters, running a business, and nurturing her home and family.

Rachael Harding choreographs her days, balancing her time between raising daughters, Emma 5½, Lucy 2½ and Josephine 1, nurturing her business (a children’s dance school in Denver) and caring for her home and family. For her, Me Time needs to be incorporated into her daily schedule, just like a class or meeting, to ensure it happens.

Rachael’s Me Time:

When I have time for “Me Time” I like to take Pilates or actually take the time to sit down for at least 20 minutes and read a book.

How do you carve out Me Time?

I schedule my Pilates or workout classes in my calendar the same way as my working hours. If it is on my daily schedule then I am able to get my Me Time in. Making the time to read for 20 minutes is a little more difficult to get in daily because I feel like I need to have the house cleaned, laundry going and dinner prepped before I can sit down, so I try to multitask my must-do list in order to be able to sit down and read at least a few days out of each week.

Why is Me Time important to you?

I feel that Me Time rejuvenates me and truly makes me a more patient, understanding and energetic mom and wife.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

That this is possibly the hardest and busiest time in my life with a busy, growing career and young children. Take the time to enjoy it and take time to spend as a family.

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