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Stefanie Hubble

My Me Time with Denver Blogger Stefanie Hubble

Lifestyle blogger, What’s Up Buttarcup // Mom of Three // Denver

As a stay-at-home mom of three kids, Stefanie Hubble wanted a way to keep record of her growing family’s pictures and memories. She started a blog to share their adventures with family and friends, and it quickly grew into something more. With an emphasis on family, fashion, and fun, she hopes her blog is a place where other fashion-obsessed moms with a sense of humor feel welcome.

Stefanie’s Me Time:
I love getting a mani-pedi. I also love meeting with girlfriends for lunch. Just a quick meal with friends (without kids pulling at us) is so good for the soul!
Why is Me Time important to you?
Being a mom is 24-7. I find that I am so much happier (and so much more playful with the kids) when I get a little time to get away. Even if it’s just to get a coffee and run to the grocery store by myself! It’s nice to be able to catch your breath and feel like you are still you.
What is your mom “must have”?
I definitely can’t live without my five-minute makeup routine! And lip-gloss. I always have it with me. Always.
Do you have a go-to “mom uniform” for fall?
I love leggings. I also love big, cozy sweaters and Ugg boots. I’m usually very casual when I’m with my kids out and about.
What is your secret to looking stylish and put together while juggling three kids?
Mornings are busy at my house, and if I’m not organized I get flustered. Something that changed my life was putting together outfits the night before. Not for the kids (although I do that, too), but for me. Whether I am dressing up or staying casual, I like to lay out everything I will need the night before so I have less to do in the morning—even if it’s just leggings and a T-shirt for the day. I also try to pack up whatever I need for the next day in my car, and I like to have about five outfits already picked out and hanging in my closet. That way I can decide what I’m in the mood for, throw it on, and go, without having to think about it!

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