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NAPPA’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Simplify your holiday shopping with this list of kid- and parent-approved toys and games.

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving this holiday season, with this list of fantastic finds for kids, all of which were honored by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA).

For the past 29 years, NAPPA’s team of expert judges has meticulously evaluated hundreds of toys and games and awarded only the best of the best with the coveted NAPPA seal. Here are 42 award-winning gift ideas that are sure to spark imagination and creativity in every kid on your shopping list.

Table of Contents:

Fun & Learning

1. Monti Kids
– The innovative Montessori-based subscription service delivers eight levels of safe, age-appropriate toys right to your home, along with online video guides. $297 quarterly, ages newborn to 36 months.
2. Coding Critters
– These interactive animal robots introduce critical thinking, problem-solving, and STEM skills to young kids through storybook coding challenges. $40, ages four to 10. 
3. Spanish For Kids: La Gran Colección
– This cheerful collection of videos and music uses an irresistible mix of Latin rhythms to introduce children to the Spanish language. $99-$120, ages one to seven. 
4. Mix & Match-a-Saurus
– Mix and match different combinations of emotions (happy, angry, sleepy), music styles (hip-hop, marching, ballet), and characters (dinosaur, robot, monster) to bring the dino to life. $35, ages two to five. 
5. Moving Creations with K’nex
– Learn to apply STEM principles just like an engineer while creating nine step-by-step builds and experimenting with “Think Bigger” challenges. $40, ages eight to 12.
6. LeapBuilders ABC Smart House
– Build, create, and learn with this interactive 61-piece house-themed block set. $40, ages two to five.
7. LeapStart Go
– The sleek, easy-to-carry stylus brings compatible books and activity sets to life and uses video to provide a deeper learning experience. $50, ages four to eight.

NAPPA gift guide presents holiday

8. Botzees
– These cute programmable bots combine construction, coding, and creativity with augmented reality puzzles. $100, age four and up.
9. Marbleocity Triple Play 4-Bar Link
– Make a kinetic sculpture out of precision-cut wood and use the hand crank to watch the marbles move around. $25, age nine and up. 
10. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit
– Combines proven hands-on play of Friedrich Froebel’s and Maria Montessori’s manipulatives with advanced computer vision for a personalized and engaging experience. $79, ages three to five. 
11. Remote-Control Gear-Bot
– Create and control your own robot by connecting any combination of gears, claws, and heads to a motorized base. $50, ages four to 10.
12. Play Smart Preschool Workbook Series
– These workbooks feature fun activities designed to keep little ones entertained as they develop school-readiness skills. $7-$13, ages two to four. 
13. Beaker Creatures Alien Experiment Lab
– Extract the alien creatures from their reactor pods and mix up some scientific fun by experimenting with slime and fizz. $20, age five and up. 

Imaginative Play

1. PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station
– Explore space with two astronauts, a robot, laser shooter, and light and sound effects. $80, age six and up. 
2. Disney Junior Minnie Walk & Dance Unicorn Feature Plush
– Attach Minnie’s hand to Penelope’s back and watch them walk together, listen to Minnie sing, and watch Penelope dance. $40, age three and up. 
3. Topper Takes a Trip
– Pick one of the five destinations and pack the suitcase using the packing list, then it’s time to get up and go. $18, age two and up. 
4. Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill
– Attach the food pieces on the skewer and the grill will introduce food and colors. Turn the skewer lever to count along from one to 10. $40, ages two to five. 
5. Build & Play Treehouse
– Build your own miniature treehouse complete with bridges, leafy canopies, a crow’s nest, and rope ladders. $50, ages three to six. 
6. Let’s Pretend Shopkeeper Stand
– Watch your little entrepreneurs create and run their own business at this imaginative stand. $130, ages three to eight. 

7. Disney Princess Ariel Music & Lights Vanity
– Kids will delight as Sebastian spins and rises when they open the vanity, which also lights up. $60, age three and up. 
8. Robo Alive Ice Blasting Dragon
– This walking, roaring dragon has ice breathing effects and a robotic bite. $25, age six and up. 
9. American Girl Bowling Alley
– This fully functional doll-size alley features a bowling lane that really works, complete with lights, bowling sounds, and score-keeping. $150, age eight and up. 
10. KidiGo Walkie Talkies
– Keep in touch anywhere with these kid-safe, two-way radios. The set includes two-player
games for real-time gaming between devices. $30, ages four to 10. 
11. Adventure Tree House
– Play and picnic with Ben, Sarah, and their animals in this dream tree house. $70, ages three to eight. 
12. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures Playset
– This playset is full of lights and sounds to bring the Hot Dog Hills home and friends to life. $35, age three and up. 

13. My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage
– Use the included seeds to grow a real garden on top and along the bottom. $30, age four and up. 
14. JAKKS Pacific Character Tents
– These fun play tents feature twist, pop, and play technology that pops up and folds down in minutes. $20, age three and up. 
15. Dig It Up! Discoveries: Dragons
– Chip and chisel to release 12 fantastical creatures from their golden eggs and learn about their mystical powers in the discovery guide. $26, age four and up. 
16. KaBlocks Blast
– Stomp on the lever to blast soft foam blocks more than six feet into the air. $40, age three and up. 
17. Treasure Seekers Pirate Ship
– Raise the anchor, turn the sails, and spin the steering wheel in search of hidden treasure. $40, ages one to five. 
18. Carry Around Animal Town
– This portable, whimsical imaginary world is built right into a handy paw-shaped carrying case. $20, ages three to eight. 
19. Gigantosaurus Roar & Stomp Giganto
– This roaring dinosaur can walk, chomp, and swivel his tail. $30, age three and up. 
20. Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center
– Blast off with this convertible play station that transforms from control center to rocket ship to desk. $120, age four and up.

NAPPA collectibles gifts presents holiday Christmas Hannukah


1. Shopkins Real Littles Lil’ Shopper Pack
– Collect miniature versions of classic household brands with an iconic matching Shopkin inside. $10, age five and up. 
2. HairDUDEables BFF 2-Pack
– Introducing an all new #DUDEsquad with the same “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes. $25, age three and up. 
3. Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe
– Unlock the fun of unboxing with this surprise-filled safe featuring more than 30 surprises inspired by the popular kid toy reviewer. $40, age three and up. 
4. Hatchimals Mega Secret Surprise Egg
– At nine inches tall this mega egg is full of more than 40 royal surprises. $13, age five and up. 
5. Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise
– Peel open the giant egg to reveal more than 25 layers of fun and a big cuddly surprise. $50, age three and up. 
6. Piñata Fiesta
– There’s a party in every piñata with fun surprises including charms, bracelets, rings, and confetti. $8, age four and up.
7. Blume
– Add water and watch your doll bloom out of the pot with an over-the-top hairstyle. $10, age five and up. 
8. Dino Smashers Epic Egg
– Smash the dino egg to uncover more than 25 surprises and explore the Jurassic world. $25, age three and up. 
9. My Singing Monsters Exclusive 3 Pack of Musical Collectible Figures
– Collectible monsters that sing and harmonize with one another just as they do in the popular mobile game. $35, age six and up. 

games NAPPA holiday gifts presents family

Game On

1. Meltdown
– An ooey-gooey game of skill where you stack cubes on the platform of putty goop. $18, age seven and up. 
2. The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Box of Lies Party Game
– Challenge friends to the bluffing game of hilarious objects. $20, age 12 and up.
3. King of the Ring
– Compete by rolling your sumo wrestler to the top of the ring before the time runs out. $20, age four and up. 
4. Butts Up
– A fun twist on musical chairs where you fess up about things you’ve done, stuff you like, and things you wish. $23, age seven and up. 
5. Pencil Nose
– A hilarious game where players have to use their sniffers to sketch the prompt. $25, age eight and up. 
6. Fish for Fish
– Campers race against their friends to catch the most fish with a plastic spear. $15, age four and up. 
7. Domino Maze
– This logic puzzle combines the thrill of the classic domino effect with an added twist. $30, age eight and up. 

NAPPA family games holiday gifts presents kids

8. Friends of a Feather
– Add feathers to your bird each turn by drawing from the deck or trading away your unwanted ones to the nest. $20, age three and up. 
9. Invasion of the Cow Snatchers
– Take control of your very own UFO to solve 60 magnetic challenges. $30, age six and up. 
10. Disney Mickey Mouse Snuggle Time
– A calming game that’s perfect for bedtime, naptime, or any quiet time. $25, age three and up. 
11. Full Circle
– Uses spelling and critical thinking to inspire creativity and competition. $18, age eight and up. 
12. JAWS: A Game of Strategy and Suspense
– Two thrilling phrases of gameplay capture the edge-of your-seat excitement of the classic movie. $30, age 12 and up. 
13. Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core
– Discover your unique abilities while dealing twists of fate to your opponents. $25, age 10 and up. 
14. Chickapig
– Break your flock of Chickapigs free while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an unruly pooping cow in this strategic board game. $25, age eight and up. 

stock stuffers toys NAPPA gifts presents holiday

Stocking Stuffers

1. Twisty Petz Cuddlez
– These cuddly animals transform into a boa when you pull the head and tail. $13, age four and up.
2. Drop Dots Love Em’s
– Collect all six playful characters made with slow-rising foam perfect for maximum sensory play. $8, age six and up. 
3. Pomsies Lumies
– Interactive unicorn-like pets that turn into the color of the object they are sitting on. $20, age three and up. 
4. Jurassic World Snap Squad Assortment
– These collectible dinosaurs feature mouths that open to “snap on” to backpacks or lunch bags. $20 four-pack, age four and up. 
5. Dragamonz Multipack
– Smash open the eggs to unveil three Dragamonz figures and start building a dragon army. $10, age five and up. 
6. Snackable Science Experiments: 60 Edible Tests to Try and Taste
– Experiment with edible ingredients to reveal the properties of our everyday foods. $13, ages six to 11. 
7. Playviators
– Tilt the plane up or down and a weight slides on the inside causing a collection of gears to spin the propeller. $20, ages three to five. 
8. Awesome Bloss’ems
– Plant a seed, cover it with sparkle soil, add water, and watch it grow into a collectible doll. $7, age five and up. 
9. Marble Circuit
– A multi-directional marble maze with 64 puzzling challenges. $25, age eight and up. 
10. Hatchimals Pixies
– Hatch your egg to discover a pixie doll, three mystery accessories, and a pixie bed. $10, age five and up. 
11. Portable North Pole
– An enchanting collection of toys and gifts that come with a personalized video from Santa. Prices vary. 

NAPPA creative gifts presents holiday

Get Creative

1. Blinger Diamond Collection
– This new glam styling tool allows you to add gems to your hair, clothes, and more. $20, age 12 and up. 
2. Y’Art Craft Kit
– Create amazing works of textured yarn art with the ease of coloring. Just thread the pen and color in the numbered areas. $15, age eight and up.
3. Cool Maker 2‐in‐1 KumiKreator
– Load the colorful spools into the machine and spin it to create friendship bracelets and necklaces in minutes. $25, age eight and up.
4. smART Pixelator
– Design 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity, easy-to-follow lights, and smART Pixel beads, sequins, or pegs. $55, age seven and up. 
5. Fuzzikins Cozy Cats
– Use the included washable markers to color and create your very own animal friends, then rinse and redesign. $15, age four and up. 
6. Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper
– Bring the nail salon home with an easy-to-use stamp that creates custom manicure styles in minutes. $25, age eight and up. 
7. Gifeez Spinning GIF Art Studio
– Draw, color, and customize your very own GIFs and use the spinner to bring them to life. $20, age six and up. 
8. Crayola Color Chemistry Arctic Lab
– Explore color science with STEAM-infused experiments to create snow globes, magic water beads, and more. $25, age seven and up.
9. Jixelz
– Transform the tiny pixel puzzle pieces into a variety of vibrant designs. $10-$17, age six and up. 
10. Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set
– The set includes 10 tools and molds to create mesmerizing sand effects, and a phone stand to make fun videos. $20, age three and up. 
11. Spin and Spiral Art Station
– Create spiralized art and spin art in this two-in-one kid-powered creation station. $20, age six and up. 

NAPPA toys presents holiday gift kids

Fun with Friends

1. Kindi Kids
– Bobble head dolls, Donatina, Peppa-Mint, Marsha Mello, and Jessicake, come to life with interactive accessories. $25, age three and up. 
2. My Audio Stories
– Listen, record, and share stories with each set, containing an original children’s book and a whimsical matching My Audio Pet Bluetooth speaker. $40.
3. How To Train Your Dragon Hatching Toothless
– Toothless comes to life outside the egg to plays games, move, roar, and purr. $60, age five and up. 
4. Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama
– Get the whole family up dancing and laughing with Boppi, who shakes it like nobody is watching. $20, age three and up.
5. DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock
– Includes a poseable Lucky doll, Spirit horse, foal, and 21 pieces including stickers that can be used to decorate the barn. $40, age three and up. 
6. Juno My Baby Elephant
– Features an animated trunk, floppy moving ears, highly expressive eyes, a wagging tail, and interactive accessories. $77-$80, age five and up. 

NAPPA gift guide presents children

7. Julie’s Pinball Machine
– Go retro with this real-working, doll-size arcade game. $150, age eight and up. 
8. PJ Masks PJ Seeker
– Be on the lookout for the Nighttime Villains and save the day with a claw crane, cage, and disc shooter. $60, age three and up.
9. Myla the Magical Unicorn
– Myla glitters with lights as she talks and sings. Use the wand to change her colors. $60, ages four to eight. 
10. Disney Junior T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset
– Care for these baby animals until they’re ready to be delivered to their forever homes. $40, age three and up.
11. Sweet Raspberry Home
– The newest addition to the Calico Critters’ Village, furnished with baby furniture and Nursery Series Grace Hopscotch Rabbi. $25, age three and up. 
12. OwlCrate Jr.
– An adorable monthly subscription box for bookworms featuring a middle grade novel, exclusive goodies from the author, and unique items built around a monthly theme. $28 month-to-month option (other payment plans available), age eight and up. 

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