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National Book Month: For Kiddos

Whether you’re reading a book to your child before bed or heading to the library and checking out a tale for them to read on their own, reading is important for cognitive and emotional development. Regularly reading can enhance language, empathy, and social skills, as well as stretch one’s imagination and inspire creativity. Here are a few children’s picture books you and your child will enjoy year-round. If you’re looking for some Halloween fun, check out our Spooky Books

Children’s Picture Books
In the energetic and humorous children’s book, I Am Musical: Adventures of Waffles by Barbara Brown, a dog named Waffles believes she’s a musical genius…even though she can’t compose music, sing, or play an instrument. $23.99

Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep! by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson is a singsong story about a clever young boy and his favorite old car. $13.48

Guac, the Avocado Birth by Julie Branch-Evans follows the adorable story of the one and only avocado bird as he meets different kinds of creatures and embraces their unique qualities. $16.99.

The STEAM-themed picture book Poppy Through the Paintings by Julie Lucht follows the main character as she goes to the art museum. Poppy leans too close to a painting and finds herself literally immersed in it. Readers will read about her adventure as she makes her way from painting to painting. $14.85

If your kiddo loves dragons, then Rosie the Dragon and Charlie: Say Good Night ($14.99) and Rosie the Dragon and Charlie: Make Waves ($12.39) will be a great read before bed. Follow along with Charlie as he and Rosie go on fantastic adventures. 

Before bed, learn about 26 inspiring South Asian women in the book Desi Devis South Asian Women of Wonder from A to Z by Avani Modi Sarkar. This is ideal for ages four and up, and bonus activity pages are included. $15

See You on the Other Side by Rachel Montez Minor is a comfort read for children who may be grieving or coming to terms with the idea of loss. Filled with stunning illustrations and uplifting text, this is an inspiring story for children. $18.99

Remembering Sundays with Grandpa by Lauren H. Kerstein is a beautiful children’s book where Henry and his mom remember Grandpa. This book teaches children that even when someone is no longer physically with us, their love lives forever. $17.99

Home for A While by Lauren H. Kerstein follows Calvin, a young boy who has just moved into a new home, and his journey with dealing with his feelings. $16.99

Bonus for Adults: The “Van-life” is becoming more and more popular, with families packing everything up and buying an RV. If you’re looking for tips or want to know more, check out Wonder Year: A Guide to Long-Term Family Travel and Worldschooling by Julie Frieder, Angela Heisten, and Annika Paradise. $22.52

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