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National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month and is the perfect time to celebrate our friends. They have brought us much companionship and love with their lives and for some people, they are practically family. Check out some of our furry friends from our staff here at Family Resource Group Inc! 


She is an affectionate and very vocal cat who will make it known to you that she would like to be fed no matter what time of day it is. When she isn’t lounging around looking out the window for potential threats, she enjoys a good game of fetch and lots of attention. 


He is a 15-year-old Terrier mix who, much like the old man he is, loves lounging around on the couch, sleeping on a pile of blankets, and being an immovable object (tripping hazard) in the kitchen. His two favorite parts of the day are when his family gets home and dinnertime when he gets a plate of lunch meat and shredded cheese for dinner.


She is a 3-year-old Russian Blue cat who loves eating unconventional treats like Vaseline, butter, and olive oil. When she isn’t napping or begging for sink water, she is hunting for bugs, staring out windows languidly like an ill Victorian child, and attempting to cuddle with her less-than-impressed dog brother, Charlie.


He is jumpy, lovable, and a total lap dog. You can always find him on a bed or curled up on the couch, or trying to weasel his way into someone’s lap, unless he has the zoomies and is skitting around the house. 


He is super talkative yet scared of anything that makes loud noises! He loves to eat food, and ice, and spend any minute he can running outside playing fetch or chasing bugs. 


He resembles an ewok. He’s a fluffy malti-tzu with a baby face. He enjoys naps, sleeping in, pupperoni treats, and warm blankets. Don’t bother waking him up before 6 a.m. He won’t get up and will judge you.


He is a well-loved miniature schnauzer who would prefer to be left alone, please and thank you. When not taking one of his many naps on his favorite spots on the floor or on the couch, he can be found sniffing out his next snack. For a geriatric dog, he will move really fast when food or a fuzzy blanket is involved.


Little Gremmy is our princess (and she knows it!). Other than sleeping and being pet on her own terms, she is a very playful kitten that can’t get enough of her string toys. Gremmy also loves sprawling out in front of the sunshine and rolling over to get her belly rubbed. 

Want to feature your pet this month? Email a picture and short description of your friend!

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