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Tasty Sandwich Recipes That Jazz up Lunchtime

Quick and easy sandwiches to pack in your child's lunchbox

To help you up your lunchbox game and keep meals fresh, we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite sandwich recipes from Catherine McCord, the blogger behind Weelicious and a mom of three.

Monogram Sandwich

Cookie cutters and plant-based food coloring add an element of fun to a basic sandwich.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

Ham, Pineapple, and Biscuit Sandwiches

Forget PB&J’s! How about trying a HPB (ham, pineapple, and biscuit sandwich)? The sweet and savory ingredients packed between two golden, buttery biscuits will wow your kids.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

Chloe’s Olive Tomato Sandwich

This sandwich is aptly named after McCord’s daughter Chloe, who chose lettuce, Cherokee tomatoes, thick slices of cheddar cheese, and black olives as the key ingredients.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

Vegetarian Sandwich on a Stick

Don’t have a meat lover? Stack diced veggies and cubed cheese on a skewer for a delicious and uniquely presented lunch idea.

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Sushi Sandwiches

Another fun way to use sandwich bread is by molding it into makeshift sushi rolls. Simply slather fillings like cream cheese, cinnamon, and honey or shredded carrots and hummus between flattened bread.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

Pork Banh Mi Sammies

This Vietnamese sandwich can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, but when McCord made this one, she chose seasoned ground pork, grated pickles, carrots, cucumbers, and a thick spread of mayonnaise. “It was like a heaven-sent discovery for my kids. I’m talking an all around dream sammie,” she explains.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

Kentucky Hot Brown Panini

“If you’re looking to pack an enviable sandwich for your kids’ first day of school, I totally suggest this one,” McCord says. Fresh slices of turkey, crispy bacon, sliced tomatoes, and cheddar cheese make every bite better than the last.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

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