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Denver Mompreneurs Take Care of Your Nest

Nest Easy helps make day-to-day household affairs run smoothly for Denver-area parents—everything from grocery shopping and meal planning to household management.

Denver moms Lorna and Jessie Streelman, whose day jobs involve organizing and marketing for professionals, launched Nest Easy—a subscription-based household personal assistant service—after a client jokingly mentioned the need for a life organizer. As the sisters-in-law looked further into the idea, they discovered that there were nanny services and cleaning services, but there wasn’t a service designed to handle all the other household tasks that need to be done on a daily basis.

With Nest Easy, clients are paired with “efficiency experts” who help make day-to-day household affairs run smoothly. “The employees that we have are all moms that wanted to go back to work after their kids started school,” says Lorna. They handle a variety of services, from grocery shopping and meal planning to household management and even chores—anything they can do to make life easier for clients.

The biggest need Lorna and Jessie have found among their clients: meal prep.

“One of our clients has three kids, and she and her husband work so much that they never had time to enjoy a meal together as a family,” says Jessie. Nest Easy preps the family’s meals, including creating a menu with the client, grocery shopping, chopping, and cooking—all in the client’s home. The family uses the time saved to sit down and eat together.

Nest Easy plans range from three, five, and eight hours per week for $500-$1300 per month, and can be customized based on each family’s needs.

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