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New Laws in Colorado

Photo Credit to Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

Look out! With the start of the year, it is easy to miss out on some very important news that can affect Colorado Natives. One thing to look out for is the new plastic bag fee in an effort to bring down the usage of single use plastic bags. With this in place, stores will charge ten cents for every plastic bag that they provide to a customer.

Additionally, if you live and work in the state of Colorado, you can expect to see a slight decrease in your paychecks as fees will begin to be taken out to fund a new paid family leave program. This is for workers who need to take time off to take care of family whether that be a new child, an ill loved one, and more!

Also, starting January 1, there will be an increase in the statewide hourly minimum wage. It will now be $13.65 for regular employees and $10.63 for tipped employees. Denver though sets its own minimum wage at $17.29 an hour! 

These are just some of the new laws that are affecting Colorado Natives. Make sure you are keeping up with the news for changes and updates!

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