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Parenting Burns the Equivalent of 1,179 Burpees a Day

Study shows daily parenting tasks burn more calories than doing burpees at the gym.

The daily activities related to parenting—carrying small children, cooking meals, cleaning, and pushing a stroller—really make you feel the burn, says a new report from Wren Kitchens, a UK-based kitchen retailer.

In the study, 1,000 parents with children between the ages of three and six shared their typical daily parenting tasks and the time spent on each. When multiplied by calories used by each task, the average daily burn equaled 1,478 calories, or the equivalent of 1,179 burpee exercises. Weekly activities like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning floors, and loading and unloading the car added on an average burn of a whopping 2,374 calories each week.

Wondering how many burpees you can skip at the gym today? Here’s a breakdown of average daily parenting activities and their burpee equivalents.

Parenting activities burpees equivalent

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