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I’ve lived in Colorado all my life and raised four other Colorado natives. Needless to say, I’ve seen a lot of changes happen around the state. I’ve also spent the past 10 years with Colorado Parent magazine, seeing it change and grow. One of my favorite features of the magazine is this annual publication, Colorado Parent Family Favorites. It represents something I love about both parenting and living in Colorado—people are willing to help each other. Post a query on social media for a recommendation and within minutes, you have names, numbers, and testimonials. Ask a question in a circle of parents while waiting for the kids to get out of school and someone will have the answer for you, pronto. Parenting is hard and rewarding. As parents, we all have that in common. This is why I think parents are willing to share what they know.

The Family Favorites issue is full of tried-and-true, been-there-done-that, did-tons-of-research, made-some-missteps-and-figured-out-a-better-way, and lived-to-tell-about-it advice. Don’t you always value the recommendation from a close friend more than just doing an online search and hoping you’ll find the right option? Well, consider all of the parents who cast their votes for their Family Favorites, from January 8 through March 18, as close friends who want to share their wisdom and recommendations.

Let this Family Favorites issue be your year-round, go-to, time-saving, rest-assured resource. When you can avoid all the crazy searching for things you need, it leaves more time for what’s really important and enjoyable, like parenting right here in Colorado.

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