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Plan a Family Game Night

Game Night Planning Tips.

Family game night was once a standard in many homes, but times have changed. It’s easy to get caught up in new technology and forget about simple group activities that used to bring so much joy. Whether you’re looking for a weekly hour of fun or a monthly night in, game nights are great for building relationships within the family. They help improve speech and social interaction; they create a stronger bond between child and parent, and they also challenge children with their fine motor skills, problem solving, quick thinking, and strategy. Parents have the opportunity to spend more time with the kids, uninterrupted, which in the long run helps create lasting memories. Sound good? Try these tips to start a family game night this month.

Game Night Planning Tips

5 Timeless Family Games

1. Monopoly

2. Card games, such as Old Maid or Go Fish

3. Pictionary

4. Scrabble

5. Uno

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