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Potty Training on Vacation

Dr. Debra Berry shares tips for parents.

The Problem: My child is doing really well with potty training but I’m afraid she”ll regress while we”re on vacation. How can we enjoy our trip while still keeping potty training progress going

The Expert: Dr. Debra Berry, Lone Tree Pediatrics and Chair of Pediatrics at Sky Ridge Medical Center

The Solution: It really depends on how far along in the process you are and how well your tyke adjusts to some minor changes in his or her routine. As with any learning experience, flexibility is key. I routinely recommend sticking with your potty training plan even while on vacation, otherwise, you will start the process over when you arrive home.

Finally, the most important aspect about potty training is a positive attitude. No matter how frustrated you may feel, you have to keep it in perspective. This is temporary. You will emerge on the other side with a potty-trained child. The advice I like to give is from an article on potty training resistance: “Avoid the battle—win the war!” If your child perceives that this is too important and you are trying too hard to make it happen, they are more likely to resist.

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