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Practicing Pool Safety

Did you know there is a hidden danger lurking in your pool? While the danger doesn’t have fins or teeth, it comes on suddenly, silently, and without much warning. Without the supervision and watchful eye of a parent, drowning can happen in seconds to minutes. According to Ochsner Health, “In the United States, 1 in 5 drowning victims is a child between the ages of 1 and 4.” Many children receive medical treatment a year for water-related incidents. While this statistic is startling, there are many ways to protect your children from the dangers of the pool. 

Use these pool safety tips to keep your child safe in and around the pool this summer.

Assign a Water Supervisor
Any time a child is outside near a pool, a parent or guardian should be in attendance. The water supervisor should be within an arm’s length of young children and beginner swimmers. They should always keep their eyes glued to children in the water, even older children who may be able to swim. During supervision, the water watcher should not use a phone, socialize, drink alcohol, or partake in anything else that may be a distraction. If there are multiple adults in attendance, have them take turns watching the kids. 

Have Necessary Pool Safety Measures in Place
Every pool or hot tub should have a fence around them with a self-closing, locked gate. If you want to add even more protection and security to your pool, consider adding door and window alarms that chime when opened, to alert a parent or guardian that a child is going outside. If you are unable to add fencing around a hot tub, make sure it’s securely covered when not in use. 

Have Kids Take Swim Lessons
If you want to add an additional layer of protection, schedule swimming lessons for your kids when they’re at least 1 year old. While swim lessons do not replace the need for someone to supervise the water, they do equip your child with the necessary skills that can help prevent drowning. If you also do not know how to swim, consider taking lessons too. 

Learn CPR
CPR is an important skill in and out of the pool, and every parent should know how to perform CPR on a child’s body. Done correctly, CPR can save a person’s life. Look for Red Cross classes in your community where you can learn the lifesaving skills of CPR. 

Enforce Pool Rules
Make sure everyone follows the pool rules of the designated pool. Teach your kids and all caregivers these common pool rules:

In addition, pool floaties do not prevent drowning, and any children using pool floaties must still have a water watcher nearby.

Swim Safely This Summer
It is your responsibility as a caregiver or parent to ensure that your child is safe in and around the pool. A pool is a great way to soak up the sun, stay cool, and stay active during the hot summer months. Promoting a safe environment will make the dives, waterslides, and outdoor parties much more enjoyable. 

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