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Preparing Little Ones to Start School

Tips from a school psychologist and teachers.

You can never fully prepare yourself or your child for the first time you wave goodbye at the classroom door. You can, however, ease the transition for both of you by taking steps to make it a more positive experience. If that first day is coming soon, check out this advice from the experts.

Tips from the School Psychologist

Ellen Kelty, manager of the department of social work and psychological services at Denver Public Schools, suggests anticipating how you and your child will react. “Some kids won’t look back when you drop them off, but others will need more encouragement as they learn to adjust,” she says. From there, Kelty recommends taking these steps:

Tips from the Teachers

Jenny Rice, a kindergarten and second grade teacher, and Millie Greer, a retired preschool teacher, share these tips from inside the classroom.

Once school has started, if serious anxiety lasts longer than three to four weeks, get help. “Remember that young students mostly live in the moment,” says Kelty. “If your child is becoming overly worried and anxious, it may be time to ask for help.”

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