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Ready to Turn the Tables and Prank the Kids?

Laughter is the best medicine, so let’s prank the youngsters! Here are some funny and harmless pranks to pull on your little ones to ensure a giggle-filled morning. Or, team up with the kiddos and prank your partner! 

The Frozen Bowl
Cereal in the morning is a perfect breakfast…but frozen cereal is perfectly devious for April 1st.
Step 1: Pour a bowl of milk and cereal the night before April 1st.
Step 2: Stick it in the freezer.
Step 3: In the morning, add a splash of milk to the frozen concoction.
Step 4: Patiently wait for them to put their spoon into the frozen bowl of cereal.

Box of Surprises
This one will have the kids laughing all day long!
Step 1: Empty their favorite cereal into a separate container for safekeeping.
Step 2: Fill the empty cereal box with their favorite toys (Legos, cars, crayons, etc.)
Step 3: Brace yourself as they dump a box full of toys into their bowl. 

Jell-O Drinks
Surprise them with wobbly sips of fun!
Step 1: Get the color of Jell-O that matches their favorite type of drink.
Step 2: Whip up the Jell-O.
Step 3: Day of the prank, put a straw in and wait for them to be surprised. 

Bubble Wrap
Dust off that forgotten basement bubble wrap for a prank that pops!
Step 1: Locate the bubble wrap.
Step 2: Sneak it under bathmats, rugs, door mats, or seat covers.
Step 3: Carry on with your morning, and get ready for the unexpected bubble wrap symphony. 

Friendly Reminder: April Fools Day is on April 1st, so if you get a suspicious call from your teenager (i.e., “I got pulled over” *giggles heard in the background* or a “call” from the principal of their school who oddly sounds like their best friend) be prepared.

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