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Room Transformation Ideas for Empty Nesters

When the time comes for children to officially move out, it can leave a gap…literally. Many homeowners continue to leave old sports equipment in the garage and dusty crafts in the closet. As parents, you have probably put a lot of your favorite activities on hold or have stopped inviting people over because “home is a mess right now.” 

As parents, you may be feeling sensitive to your child’s absence, and, like others, you may prefer to tightly hold on to the sentimental value of their room and possessions. Your child may also want to keep their room the same, or they may pack it all up to take to their next adventure. Physical objects can hold dozens of memories, so it’s important to follow your own emotional pace when guiding decisions around action or preservation. 

If you’re looking to reclaim space previously occupied by your kid(s) as you transition into the next phase of adulthood, then allow your home to reflect that. Here are a few ideas to make your home a little more functional and enjoyable because when your environment feels new, so do you. 

Starting Small
Begin by taking steps to renovate communal spaces in your home that don’t require altering their belongings. These are suggestions to improve the functionality of common areas that may have been neglected over the years so they can better serve you, your friends, and your family.

Basement to Bar
Consider remodeling your basement into the perfect spot to host gatherings, game nights, and parties where friends and family can lounge over drinks. A fun way to preserve family board games is by incorporating them into an elevated space. Replace fold-up tables with a countertop for preparing snacks and beverages. 

Backyard Playground to Functional Patio
Exchange rusty trampolines and playsets for an outdoor area designed for rest and relaxation. You can maximize your home by extending your patio with a wooden deck, stones, or brick, accompanied by ambient lights for a classy outdoor parlor. Include sun umbrellas and a grill/fire pit for a perfect outdoor dining experience. 

Garage Space to Work Bench
Optimize your garage space by creating a functional workbench. Display household items and arrange lawn care tools on the wall for easy access. This small but effective change will overall enhance daily tasks and allow for the proper space you need for your home projects. 

Transforming Their Room
After your child fully moves out, you can take this opportunity to remodel their rooms. Here are some practical ideas for new territory.   

Bedroom to Office
Flip outdated teenage bedrooms into modern offices, providing an environment conducive to working from home or pursuing hobbies. Finally, a peaceful space to comfortably work from home, tackle emails, or catch up on reading. 

Bedroom to Studio
Introduce a good, sturdy desk or table to tackle backed-up sewing projects, get back in touch with your creative side painting, or bust out the old model trains banished to the basement due to their potential choking hazard. Create a dedicated space to relax and express yourself without the fear of waking up to find paint on the walls while stepping on broken pieces of railroad tracks.

Bedroom to Guest Bedroom
You may decide you want to preserve bedrooms for visiting kids and guests or swap out worn cartoon bed sheets and band posters for a more comfortable style for adult guests. Upgrade to a queen-size bed, paint the walls, peel off old stickers, and brighten dressers with a fresh coat of stainer. This will ensure that anyone who visits will have a pleasant stay.


Helpful Supplies
Duck Clean Release Painter’s Tape
Achieve the cleanest lines, so you don’t waste time doing touch-ups or worrying about damaging baseboards. 

Ryobi Drill
Select between heavy-duty drills to get into drywall or lightweight handheld drills for quick furniture assembly with rechargeable backup batteries that won’t slow you down. 

Duck Heavy Duty Drywall Garage Kit 
Easy-to-install mounts that can support power tools, leaf blowers, rakes, and tool kits (up to 50 lbs).

Shoulder Dolly
These straps assist in moving large furniture items with a partner; find them at your local hardware store to save yourself from hassle and injury.

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