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How To Keep the Thrill of the Egg Hunt Alive After Easter

Inspire your kids to seek and search all year long.

The giggles and squeals heard while kids search for and collect Easter eggs are evidence of the pure joy of finding hidden treasures. Seeking and finding hidden objects also helps kids sharpen observation skills, stretch attention spans, and invite creative thinking. It’s a great way to keep kids busy and have some fun as a parent, too.

You don’t have to wait for Easter to experience the thrill—and benefit—of the hunt. Here are four activities to keep kids searching all year round. 

Sticky Note Hunts

A colorful block of sticky notes is all you need to devise an easy hunt that is great for all ages. Simply hide the different colors of sticky notes around a room or throughout the house. 

Add a challenge for older kids by writing a sentence with one word on each note. This turns the hunt into a puzzle as kids find each word and try to arrange them into the sentence you created. Then, invite them to create these hunts for each other.

Take it up another notch by writing spelling or vocabulary words on sticky notes. Older siblings or study buddies can hide them to make homework more fun and kids can practice the words as they find them.

Word and Letter Hunts

Borrow a few letter tiles from the family Scrabble or Bananagrams game and create a word search on the kitchen table. For younger kids, rather than look for words, search for different letters.

Leave a pad of paper and pencil on the table for the seekers to write down the words or letters they see. Encourage kids to move the letters around to create a word search for entertainment during dinner. 

Hunt for Toys

Grab five to 10 favorite toys to hide around the house for your kids to find. Share the number of toys you’re hiding, so your kids know when all the toys have been found. You can use Legos, blocks, Barbie shoes, stuffed animals—any kind of toy will do. 

After the first round, turn things over to the kids to take turns doing the hiding and the hunting. It’s a great rainy day activity for siblings or a fun game for a playdate.

Toddlers like to play this game, too. Hide a large stuffed animal that can easily be spotted under the couch or behind a curtain. They will catch on quickly!

Party Hunts

Consider creating hunts for family celebrations during the year. Hide party favors for guests attending a birthday party. Write clues so that guests can work together as a team to find their treats.

You can also use this game during holidays. Purchase red, white, and blue bouncy balls or mini bubbles to hide at a July 4th picnic. Hide spider rings for tricks and candy for treats at your next Halloween party.

Whatever the season, there’s bound to be something you can seek and find. So when it’s time to put away the Easter eggs, assure your kids there can be plenty of hunts in their future.

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