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Setting Healthy Habits

We asked Team Testa, a company that works with all ages to connect physical and emotional well-being, how parents can start setting healthy practices for their families. According to the owner, Andrea Testa, adding exercise and nutrition is the first step to creating healthy habits. Here are some tips for your family to get started.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Change can be hard for parents and children, so start small when creating new habits. “You’re going to be more successful if you start out with baby steps. So choose either adding movement in first or adding in healthy eating habits,” Testa says. One way to slowly increase your family’s exercise habits is by going on walks after dinner. “We want to make sure that families are moving and exercising every day.” 


Positive Reinforcement

Parents leading by example and having a positive attitude toward these changes can help children adjust. “Whether they [parents] are actually feeling like a million bucks in the beginning or not is neither here nor there. Usually, the rest of the family will follow suit,” Testa says. 


Road Bumps

Your family might get discouraged by the new habits you’re setting up. “Figure out what is going on and find a way to pivot together as a unit,” Testa says. The best way to get over these challenges is to sit down and chat with the whole family and find out why they are discouraged.

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