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Hot cocoa setup on a log slice
Photo: Kara Thompson

Delightfully Simple Holiday Treats

Cocoa. Cookies. Candy. Need we say more?

Most of us spend more time in the kitchen during the holidays, making the season all the more merry. Serve up some delicious fun with these simple yet customizable treats. We visited Hammond’s Candy Factory, a Denver-based family business known for colorful candy canes, to source some inspiration and ingredients. The verdict: candy, cookies, and cocoa make for a trio that’s as flavorful as it is festive.

Cocoa for All

Cold, snowy night? Cozy up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, but take the seasonal drink up a notch by setting up a serving station. These clever tips will help you kick things off:

Cookies for Santa

holiday cookie ideas
Photo: Kara Thompson

Kids love the tradition of setting out cookies for Santa. Let them in on the fun by making your own sugar cookies, frosting them, then decorating each with your favorite candy. Or, to limit the mess and save time on cleanup, order cookies from a local bakery and decorate them yourself. Try these ideas:

Family Food

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