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Family at Space Odyssey
Photo: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Check Out the Reimagined Space Odyssey 2.0 Exhibit at DMNS

The reimagined exhibit is now more streamlined and interactive.

Vibe: Curiosity and adventure on overdrive
Drive time: Nestled in City Park’s block of activities, 10 minutes from the Capitol
TIP: Snag a “Give Me Space” face mask from the museum’s online shop as a social distance reminder and memento of your visit.

Ever lost yourself in a night sky layered with infinite stars? Do you wonder what it would feel like to experience the forces at play in the cosmos? The reimagined Space Odyssey exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS), which reopened on November 13, gives kids a full-sensory space experience with more opportunities to play while learning.

History of the Heavens

Visitors are first invited around a campfire to ground themselves in folktales, from the Cochiti legend of the constellations to the ancient Chinese Milky Way origin story. With imaginations expanding, explorers of all ages can test their deepest space questions in the array of artifacts and activities.

Interactive Offerings

From there, the updated exhibit gives visitors a chance to program a Mars rover’s movements, or bend the space-time continuum with a single step. Older kids and adults will appreciate challenging games that test communication and dexterity, plus mind-stretching facts about the three different types of meteorites and galaxies trillions of miles away.

Space Odyssey exhibit colorado
Photo: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

For Little Ones

Little learners get their chance to play in the Astrotots area with cushioned craters to climb into and a solar system labyrinth puzzle to help build fine motor skills. Take a turn at the mini spaceship control center and be sure to press all the buttons—they’re wonderfully musical and include fun sound effects.

Preparing for Lift-Off

To wrap up the visit, kids can take their new knowledge aboard the Fantasy Spaceship to captain a flight among the stars. Launch the vessel into hyperdrive from the ship’s bridge, or explore the corridor’s other attractions including a multiverse cam and a colorful, musical pattern matching game.

Reserve both museum admission tickets and timed Space Odyssey entry online. Planetarium will show Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity three times a day until late February (special ticket required).

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