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The new Edge exhibit at the Denver Zoo

Step to The Edge at the Denver Zoo

Get closer than ever to Denver Zoo’s Amur tigers—female Nikita and brothers Nicolai and Thimbu—in their new home.

Walk up to the ground level tiger yards (nearly double their previous outdoor space) and pass under an elevated walkway. Look up! The tigers could be walking or lounging 12 feet over visitors” heads. Pause by the perforated wall covered with small holes where the 300-400 pound tigers can be close enough for visitors to hear and smell. The Edge—named to reflect the tigers” natural habitat on the edge of a forest, visitors” ability to get up to a mere six inches away, and as a reminder that the species is on the edge of extinction—offers visitors a number of unique ways to view and learn about the tigers.

Daily keeper talks and demonstrations teach visitors about these largest living members of the cat family. During Spring Break: Journey to Asia (through April 9) the zoo will host daily Amur tiger keeper talks (11 a.m.) and demos (3 p.m.) at The Edge, in addition to entertainment and special activities highlighting other animal species native to Asia. The Edge and Journey to Asia activities are included with general zoo admission.

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