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STOMP performers on stage

STOMP is Making Noise in Denver…and You Should Go

The popular percussion group is stomping on stage at the Buell Theatre through February 18, and—to sum it up—it’s a must-see.

To be honest, when my editor asked me to cover STOMP, I didn’t know what to expect: So they bang on trash cans and stuff?, I thought, I saw Blue Man Group once, that was cool. Needless to say, the show exceeded my expectations.

It opened with just one man and a broom. He already appeared to be sweating, I thought as he walked the stage. He began lightly sweeping, then tapping, then bang! Slowly, more cast members began to take the stage; and then there were eight, brooms in hand, and that’s when the real fun began.

STOMP is a show unlike any other. It has no plot, there are no words; it’s simply a group of eight performers that combine rhythm, dance, and humor to create an energy-packed, award-winning show. It’s witty and fun for all ages.

The troupe finds music in ordinary objects: matchboxes, trash bags, buckets, garbage cans, lighters—you name it; they can make music out of it. But it’s the choreography that makes the show. Everyone is perfectly in sync and on beat, every time.

Each performer has their own personality, bringing a bit of humor to the stage along with the music. The cast interacts with the audience encouraging them to clap along with the beat (from simple to complex), slapping their hands and tapping their legs to interact with the cast. Audience members young and old are left smiling, laughing, and dancing all the way through to the end of the show.

STOMP is one of the most impressive feats of choreography and talent that I’ve seen. If the rhythm doesn’t get you, the humor surely will.

Details: STOMP is on stage at the Buell Theatre from February 13-18. Run time is 105 minutes with no intermission. It’s recommended for ages six and up. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased at

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