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Tech Dad: Is the Newest Amazon Echo the Perfect Family Hub?

Keep the family connected with the Echo Spot.

When mom, dad, and the kids all have busy schedules, keeping track of everything and everyone can be a tall task. Perhaps you have a whiteboard or you use sticky notes to keep everyone on the same page. The new Amazon Echo Spot—which now has screen and phone capabilities—could prove to be a great option to keep the family connected.

Calendar Connection

Every family needs a calendar. When Bobby has baseball, Susie has gymnastics, mom has a PTO meeting, and dad has to work late, it’s hard to keep it all together. If you maintain a family calendar and connect that with the Echo Spot, you can always see the next events on the screen. The normal Echo can connect to calendars too, but having an always-on screen to show those upcoming events is clutch. It feels like this is what the Echo should have looked like from day one.

Family Intercom

A brand new feature was added in April; you can now use any Amazon Echo as a whole home intercom. Simply say “Alexa, broadcast ‘it’s dinner time.’” This is great if you have multiple Echos around your home and need to get the kids into the kitchen or let everyone know it’s time to leave the house. Personally, I love this feature! With the smaller (audio only) Echo Dot costing less than $50, it’s not such a crazy thought to have two or three of these around your house.

It’s a Phone, Too

With less landlines these days, the fact that the Echo Spot can be used to make phone calls and video calls is great. There is a built-in camera so you can make a quick video call to Grandma. You can also call Mom or Dad’s cell phone directly from the Spot using your voice. It’s a handy device to have in the kitchen for those quick calls.

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