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Tech Dad: Keeping Hot Things Hot

Finally, a hot cup of coffee in the morning!

Hey parents, remember when we used to drink our coffee hot? Those were the days. Now, with the crazy parent life, that cup of coffee is cold before you can even take your first sip. Technology to the rescue. A smart coffee mug can put hot coffee or tea back into your cup even if, like me, you have three kids stirring up craziness in your home in the morning.

The Ember Ceramic Mug looks like most other coffee mugs. The difference is what’s packed into the bottom of the mug. It has a battery, a heating element, and Bluetooth connectivity. Load the app on your smartphone, charge up the mug with the included charging saucer and follow the on-screen directions to pair your mug to your phone. Once connected, you get to set the temperature. The Ember keeps your coffee at your perfect temperature between 120 and 145 degrees. Once it’s set up, you won’t need the app anymore unless you want to change your preferred temperature.

There are a few limitations with the mug. The mug itself only holds 10 ounces, which is on the smaller size when it comes to coffee mugs. Also, the battery will only last for about an hour before it needs to be charged again. You can keep it on the included charging plate while you use it throughout the day to avoid the one-hour limitation.

Personally, I’m a coffee nut and I love my coffee hot. The Ember is a lifesaver for those mornings when the kids make it impossible to enjoy it before it goes cold. It’s not perfect but it could give mom or dad a little bit of enjoyment amidst our crazy parent life. After all, it’s the small things.

The Ember Ceramic Mug is available directly from for $80 including the mug and the charger. The app works with both iPhone and Android.

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