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Tech Dad: New Home Security Options

There is no better feeling than knowing your family is safe and secure at home.

At one time, getting a home security system meant hiring a professional to install a system in your walls and paying $30 or more per month in recurring costs. Not anymore. New options in home security make it easier and cheaper than ever to keep families safe.

SimpliSafe Home Security

Starter Kit: $229 (monitoring $15 per month)

SimpliSafe has been doing self-install home security longer than the other companies on this list. No phone line is needed; it uses a cell connection, so it doesn’t require Wi-Fi to work. The 41 different sensors are wireless and you can always add more to expand your setup. It’s similar to a traditional security system but without the install fuss, high-priced monthly fees, and contract.

Nest Secure Alarm System

$499 (cell backup $5 per month, monitoring fees unclear)

You probably know Nest because of their security cameras and thermostats. The Google-owned company now also does home security.  It has some cool features like nightlights on the sensors and a keyfob, instead of a code, for securing the system. It’s pricey, but brings the backbone of Google and brand loyalty of Nest along with it.

Ring Protect Security Kit

$199 (monitoring $10 per month)

The Ring system is also brand new. It has the lowest basic kit price, the lowest monthly monitoring fee, and it works with your existing Ring doorbell and flood light cameras. Problem is, it’s not available yet. The company was taking pre-orders, but a legal snafu halted that. When it becomes available, it could be the most affordable way to get a security system in your home.

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