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Tech Dad: Smarter Family Communications

Triby, a voice-controlled smart speaker, is designed to streamline family communication.

As a working father of three and a husband, I know how busy the life of a parent can be. Keeping connected can be tough, especially on those busy days when you see your spouse or kids for only an hour or two. Triby, a voice-controlled smart speaker, is designed to streamline family communication.

The Triby unit can sit on a counter or magnetically stick to your fridge. Connect Triby to Wi-Fi and your Amazon account through an app on your phone, then download the Alexa app to personalize your settings. The e-ink screen displays the time, date, temperature, current humidity and messages sent to the Triby. Any family member can send a handwritten message or text to the Triby using the smartphone app. A yellow flag pops out of the side if there is a new message waiting. Push the flag back in to let the Triby know you saw the message.


There are also quick call buttons so it can be used as a speakerphone to call preprogrammed numbers. The calls are free using the Triby app.

As if this wasn’t enough, Triby uses Amazon’s Alexa service to act as a full-blown voice assistant. She”ll tell you the weather, convert measurements, save items to your grocery list on your smartphone and even control smart devices in your home. All you have to do is ask. Think of it as a “Siri” for your home.

Triby also streams music from Internet radio stations and music streaming services. The speaker sounds great considering its size.

The built-in battery will only last a few days without being plugged in, so make sure it’s near an outlet. It’s a great ‘smart” family hub to help keep everyone connected. invoxia.com/triby, $199

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