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Girl with homemade flower pots for her teacher gifts

10 Gifts to Give Your Child’’s Teacher

Thank You, Teacher!

The bond between a child and teacher is one that can last a lifetime and empower a child to reach his or her fullest potential. To say thanks, children can participate in making a gift or a portion of a gift to add a personal touch. When a student excitedly presents his or her masterpiece for a teacher to open, the moment is priceless. It may take a little more effort, but our teachers are worth it!

“Thank You for Helping Me Grow!” Flowerpot

Decorate a simple flowerpot that will brighten up a favorite teacher’s patio this summer. Add a houseplant for a longer-lasting idea.


Terra cotta clay pot and saucer

Acrylic paint in blue, green, and white (Plaid FolkArt Outdoor)

Paint brushes

Outdoor decoupage glue (Mod Podge Outdoor)

Hot glue gun and glue


Green ribbon

Black paint marker

Live flowers

Potting soil


1. Rinse clay pot and saucer and let dry.

2. Paint outside of clay pot and entire saucer with a coat of blue paint. Let dry.

3. Paint green grass along the bottom of pot and white clouds on the blue ‘sky” background with paint. Let dry.

4. Add a thick layer of outdoor decoupage glue and let dry. It may look cloudy when wet, but it will dry clear.

5. Use hot glue to attach buttons in the shape of a flower and green ribbon for a stem.

6. Use a paint marker to write your message around the rim, and have your child sign the pot.

7. Plant flowers in the pot with potting soil. Water well.

Gift Card/Note Holder

Gift cards are always appreciated. Purchase one for a favorite restaurant, retail or bookstore, attraction, or even the grocery store and personalize it with this clay note holder. Once the gift card has been used, the holder is a perfect place for an inspirational message or personal photograph.


Baking clay (Sculpey Bake Shop)

Sturdy but pliable wire

Dowel or broom handle

Round-nose pliers (optional)

Wire cutters



1. Mold a creation from clay that has a base at least 2 inches wide. Try a pencil, an apple, or another of teacher’s favorite things.

2. Coil one end of the wire around a dowel or broom handle two or three times (use pliers if needed to bend the wire). Bend the free end of the wire away from the dowel; measure 2 to 2½ inches and cut the wire.

3. Push the straight end of the wire into the top of the clay creation and secure clay around it.

4. Bake following instructions in clay packaging. Cool completely.

5. Place a gift card into the wire coil and give to the teacher.

8 More Ways to Say Thanks!

Consider the following for a special end-of-year thank-you gift, or ask your child if the teacher has a particular interest that is mentioned in class.

1. Cute mug filled with teacher supplies: nice grading pens, pencils, and sharpies.

2. Durable, thermal travel coffee mugs. Go in with another family and add a gift card to a popular coffeehouse or bakery near the school.

3. Digital photo book filled with pictures from the year’s activities and field trips

4. A cooler bag stocked with treats for an end-of-the-school-year picnic, such as wine, and cheese and crackers, or teacher’s favorite store bought sweet treats in a decorative jar

5. Personalized serving plate that each child in the class signs

6. Hardback children’s book with personal message written in the cover

7. Anything monogrammed. “I got a monogrammed bag once with personalized grading stamps and stationary. (There are) really cute personalized gifts for teachers on Etsy,” says second-grade teacher Stacy Casterlin.

  1. 8. Give your time. Ask if you can help with end-of-year clean up projects or other necessary tasks.

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