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Denver beer spa
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The Beer Spa in Denver Is a Soak in Self-Love

Hop into the tub, stew in some brew, and you’ll barely remember what’s been troubling you.

An oasis opened up in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood, and it offers a full-body wellness experience through the power of beer. The Beer Spa co-owner Damien Zouaoui says since their start in February 2021, many parents have come in. They tell him their visit was worth the babysitter or drop-off at the grandparents’ house.

Zouaoui and his wife/business partner Jessica French encountered the beer spa concept in Poland. Being world travelers and entrepreneurs, they took that experience and mixed it with German and Japanese spa styles. Then they added the American desire for privacy, and placed their creation in a city with a hearty love of craft beer. 

Everyone, especially men who might discount the idea of self-care via spa day, should give The Beer Spa a chance, says Zouaoui. Hospitality and inclusivity extends beyond the hosts’ warmth and helpfulness; all-gender bathrooms and an ADA-accessible tub room are available. 

The Spa Experience

Guests are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before their appointments to start their solo leisure time, or socialize in the jewel-toned modern lobby. Enjoy the self-pour tap wall, featuring eight local beers and a small selection of wines, or, snag something non-alcoholic from the mini fridge. Don’t neglect a chance to nibble on some complimentary snacks from Jerry’s Nut House.

Next is an hour in a private spa room complete with an infrared sauna, rain shower, and warm (not hot) bubbling tub.  Hops, barley, and herbs steep in the water. “Master Herbalist” partners of The Beer Spa curate a new bath blend every few months, using lavender, calendula, chamomile, and peppermint, depending on the season. Hops have been used as part of traditional medicine, with the understanding that they carry antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Spa guests can choose their own adventure; however, a circuit through a 20-minute sauna, quick cold shower, soak in the tub, and finish with beer-infused shower products is a prime experience. Bathing suits are optional, and recommended to be left behind, though you might pack one if you’re going with a group of people and plan to open the garage door between two spa rooms.

Romance your partner (or yourself) with leveled-up packages. The date night and self-love packages include local craft chocolates, a bottle of sparkling wine or extra beverage credit, and ambiance (faux rose petals and candles).

Finally, cool off with another drink before hopping into an (optional) zero-gravity massage chair. The extra cost for one of these seats is well worth it; they’re much more extensive in relaxation power than the ones you’ll find at an airport or the mall. 

In total, the enchanting tour de rest lasts between two and three hours and leaves you feeling refreshed. 


Basic packages cost $89 for individuals or $119 for pairs ($10 drink credit and private spa included). Aforementioned date night packages cost $180 for a pair and a similar self-love package runs at $130 for one. Rooms can also be booked together, for small groups of friends, with garage doors lifted between them. Add a chair massage to any experience for $20 (15 minutes) or $30 (30 minutes). Since most everything is self-served and self-guided, no tips are needed.

Editor’s note: All sessions will increase to 90 minutes starting July 5, 2021. Prices will increase to $159 basic package for one or two people, and $219 for a date night package.

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