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The Tired Parents Guide to Self-Care

Indulge in some much-needed solo time with these relaxing ideas.

Now that you’re not only the parent, but also your child’s school teacher, activity director, and coach, taking time to unwind has never been more important. It might be hard to dedicate an entire hour to an elaborate self-care routine, but squeezing in just 10 to 30 minutes for yourself will leave you feeling refreshed and in a better mindset to care for your family.

Carving out a dedicated spot in your daily schedule for self-care is also pure gold for mental health on tough days—it serves as a silver lining when things get hectic; giving you something to look forward to. To ensure that you honor your new break, coordinate a time for your spouse to take the kids on a walk or entertain them at home so you can enjoy some truly uninterrupted peace and quiet. Then, swap so they can do the same. If you’re a single parent, schedule time before your kids wake up or after they go to bed, or instill a daily “quiet time” for everyone so you can get a break.

Use the simple ideas below to spark a new routine, and remember, it’s good to take a step back and focus on taking care of yourself.

Try Something New

Exposing yourself to something different can spark creativity.

Spend Time Outdoors

Nature is an instant mood booster.

Treat Yourself

You deserve some pampering.

Connect With Friends

Catch up with the people you love for an immediate refresh.

Get Cozy

Nothing says self-care better than a comfy, tidy space.

Look Ahead

Keep your eyes on all things good that are bound to come.

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